Care Instructions

All Patriot Craftsmen custom products are tested to insure we are only sending you the best that we have to offer from the interchangeable boxes to the floating bottle holder. Our products can be dusted using a microfiber or light cloth. All stains used are water based and are the highest quality. We finish them with a thin coat of wax paste. Do not get this product wet. If you purchased an unfinished natural or unfinished burnt item it will be lightly sanded and we’re not responsible for slivers.  However it is as described, unfinished so you can paint/stain/finish as you wish to make it your own.

The Floating Bottle Holder is truly a novelty item as well as a great conversation starter that will leave people in awe as to what they are seeing. We want to make it very clear that this item is not recommended to be holding a glass bottle around unsupervised pets, kids, clumsy adults or a thunder hooves in the apartment above you.

Interchangeable boxes should NEVER be carried holding onto or pushing the slot for the glass located across the top front of the box.  This is fragile and could break your shadow box.  You can safely carry using the hole on top, the sides or the top and bottom together. These can be used as a cork holder, money saver, memorial box, etc. as the glass sides right out for you to empty or insert whatever you would like in the shadow box.

The acrylic (plexiglass) can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner and a soft towel. Be sure to wipe gently over the vinyl if your glass has it. If you are storing multiple box glass sayings, we recommend padded or cloth pouches to avoid any scratches.

Sawtooth hangers and two screws are provided free with each big box in case you want to hang it on a wall. The backing we use on the boxes are a sanded plywood which is unlike most others and are extremely durable

Our boxes are not made of plastic or molded mdf (fake wood), they are made of the highest quality Norwegian Spruce.  We glue and brad nail our boxes, but it doesn’t make them unbreakable. They are not waterproof and should be kept out of the elements.

Please feel free to reach out to us using the contact page if you have further questions about our care instructions.